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Ezy Account & Stock Management (English)

Ezy Account & Stock Management (ગુજરાતી)

GST Account & Stock Management (English)

Plus Clinic's Patient Management (English)

Plus Clinic's Patient Management (ગુજરાતી)

Pray EMS: Education Management System (English)

SSA: SARAL School(Gov) Application (ગુજરાતી)

UnI Bachat Mandal Management (ગુજરાતી)

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Last Update: 2018-05-15

Ezy (English)  Download

Ezy (ગુજરાતી)  Download

GST (English)  Download

Plus (English)  Download

Plus (ગુજરાતી)  Download

Pray EMS (Eng)  Download

SSA (ગુજરાતી)  Download

UnI (ગુજરાતી)  Download

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